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Assurance Services

Our platform is designed to provide you penetration testing reports that give an accurate assessment of your assets security posture.

Live Access

Your team will have live access to all vulnerability reports during and after

Unlimited Retests

You team can ask for a retest at anytime and we will make sure it's doen within our SLA. Retests are free of charge and unlimited.

The Perfect Solution For All Penetration Testing Needs

We created Salus to be the answer to all your needs when it comes to penetration testing. 

Cyber Security Solutions

We offer a range of products that are designed to answer all your cyber security needs

Cloud Security

Salus consultants have extensive experience in securing Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform Security Reviews and will help you find issues in no time!

Web Application

Our team follows OWASP methodology to find the latest security flaws in your web application and assure your compliance against industry standards

Mobile Application

Salus supports iOS and Android application penetration testing following OWASPs methodology. We use a range of techniques to ensure your mobile users are safe

Thick Client

Got an MacOS, Windows or Linux thick client? Our team is here to help you protect your assets and maintain the security of your environment. Our methodology is designed to help you uncover security issues quickly. 


Pushing a new future to production and need security testing? Our platform is designed to help you to be agile without compromising security, integrity and speed. We help you to meet deadlines.


Salus supports scanning a range of assets including external IP addresses and hosts to ensure you are protected against common security issues. 

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